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Dhanashree (female, 8 years)

Dhanashree's journey towards confidence and self-improvement

Dhanashree is an eight-year-old girl from Katkarwadi tribal settlement in Kashele village, Karjat. A first-generation learner, she embarked on her educational journey at ZP School (Kashele), in August 2022. (It’s the same month I joined Samaaveshi, and was placed at ZP School as a primary teacher to facilitate inclusive education for Grades 1 & 2).

Dhanashree left a memorable impression right from the start due to her talkative and lively nature. As her class teacher, I faced the delightful challenge of keeping her engaged and focused on her studies. Our approach at Samaaveshi emphasizes ‘play-based and experiential learning’, making it essential to create an engaging and conducive learning environment in the classroom.

To connect with Dhanashree, I began by getting to know her better, through classroom observation and home visits. I had interesting conversations with her grandmother who accompanied the girl to school, to understand about her personality and family background. Once I knew more about hers, I took on the role of a mentor and caregiver.

Recognizing Dhanashree's interest in activities during recess, such as puzzles and brain-teasing games, I decided to incorporate these into our lessons. Gradually, she began to focus on her studies, a significant achievement considering her initial reluctance to even write alphabets.

Today, Dhanashree can write short sentences in Marathi, and sit attentively for almost the entire lesson. Her ability to respond to complex questions too has greatly improved. Her memory has also seen remarkable growth.

However, our journey is far from over. I continue to explore various strategies to help her improve concentration and minimize distractions, to ensure a more productive learning experience for the little girl. What brings me the greatest joy is, Dhanashree's active participation in every classroom activity. Of all, her determination to overcome challenges and strive for self-improvement is inspiring and worthy of admiration.

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