Welcome to 'Samaaveshi Pathshaala'

One day, all schools will become 'inclusive'.

We are a registered nonprofit based in Karjat tribal block of Maharashtra, founded by two graduates of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. Our mandate is to build an inclusive society: a society for all where no one is left behind and everyone gets equal opportunity to excel in life. And the journey to build an inclusive society starts from an inclusive classroom.

Our Major Projects

Inclusive kindergarten

Inclusive, community library

Digital literacy programme

Our Motto

All children irrespective of their social backgrounds and disabilities should have equal access and opportunity to quality education.


What have we achieved so far?

Our flagship programme is an inclusive school called 'Samaaveshi Pathshaala', situated in Kashele village where 15 children aged 4-6, including six children with disabilities, study together in the same classroom using multi-sensory approach, and is led by a special educator and a ‘shadow’ teacher.

The school’s curriculum is designed in a way that every child gets equal opportunity to learn and participate in activities both in and outside the classroom. By integrating concepts of constructivism, arts-based therapy (ABT) and social-emotional learning (SEL), we strive to enhance creativity, expression and learning outcomes for all children.

We recently launched 'Samaaveshi library' - an inclusive, community library for primary children from Kashele and nearby tribal villages. This library is key to realising our future plans of partnering with local schools to improve literacy skills among tribal children, and gradually initiate research/advocacy/training on inclusive education.


Samaaveshi Pathshaala Foundation
KASHELE, near Rural Hospital,
Karjat taluka, Maharashtra - 410 201,

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