Welcome to 'Samaaveshi Pathshaala'

One day, all schools will become 'inclusive'.

We are a registered nonprofit working on inclusive education in Karjat tribal block of Maharashtra, founded in 2018 by two graduates of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. Our vision is to build an inclusive society: a society for all where no one is left behind and everyone gets equal opportunity to excel in life. And the journey to build an inclusive society starts from an 'inclusive classroom'.
Samaaveshi is the winner of iPRENEUR 2019.
Samaaveshi founders are WIPRO Fellows 2021.

Key programmes / Reach & impact

Inclusive Kindergarten
25 students (4 CWDs)

Community Library
1 centre (38 workshops)

ZP School Transformation (1)
28 students (5 CWDs)

Anganwadi Teacher-training
80 Anganwadis (10 smart)

Why 'inclusive education'?

PROBLEM: Low school enrolment and high dropout among children with disabilities (CWDs).

In India, 34% of all CWDs are 'out of school'. (UNICEF, 2015)

Of all CWDs enrolled in school, only 8.5% make it to secondary level, and a dismal 2.3% pursue higher secondary education. (MHRD India, 2016)

Among 5-year-olds with disabilities in India, 74% DO NOT attend any educational institution. (UNESCO, 2019) ​​

SOLUTION: To bring systemic transformation in schools where all children irrespective of their social background or disability study together in the same classroom.

10-year strategic plan (2021–30)

Roadmap to scale impact to 50,000 children with diverse learning needs in Karjat block, by 2030.


Our flagship programme is an 'inclusive kindergarten' in Kashele village where 25 students, including 4 CWDs, study together using 'universal design for learning (UDL)'. Our plan is to build our own school, and add one grade every academic year - Grade X by 2030.


In June 2019, we set-up an 'inclusive, community library' aimed at improving literacy, STEM and life skills among children with and without disability in Kashele and adjoining tribal hamlets. By 2030, we aim to set-up five libraries (disability resource centres) in Karjat.


In Aug 2019, we started a six-month teacher-training on inclusive education with 10 local Anganwadis - to transform them into 'inclusive' early education centres. Currently, we're working with 80 Anganwadis. Our goal is to cover all 300 Anganwadis in Karjat block by 2030.


In 2022, we began a whole-school transformation project with a Zilla Parishad (ZP) school in Kashele village. Besides two teachers to facilitate inclusive-ed for Grades 1-3, we're investing in classroom engagement & infra. We plan to work with 50 ZP schools by 2030.

Our major partners

As an early-stage nonprofit, we're continuously looking for collaboration and knowledge exchange.


Samaaveshi Pathshaala Foundation
KASHELE village, near Rural Hospital,
Karjat taluka, Maharashtra - 410 201,

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