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Samaaveshi started its journey as an 'inclusive kindergarten' in Kashele village, on 3rd Dec 2018 (World Disability Day). From Dec 2018 to April 2024, we operated an in-house kindergarten with approx. 25-30 students, including 3-4 children with disabilities (CWDs), every academic year. A majority of these children belong to Katkari communities in Kashele and adjacent tribal hamlets.

From AY 2023-24 onwards, we're working directly with the three Anganwadis in Kashele village, comprising a total of 60+ children aged 3-6, including two CWDs - by placing one early educator at each of the three Anganwadis, to facilitate 'inclusive, early education'. Besides, we're providing infra and technical support on inclusive early education practices to four additional Anganwadis under Kashele gram panchayat, with approx. 80+ preschool children (3 CWDs).


On 3rd June 2019, Samaaveshi inaugurated a 'Community library - cum - Disability resource centre' in Kashele village, to improve literacy, life and STEM skills among young children with diverse learning needs in Kashele gram panchayat. The library is open 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday, and has 2000+ books and learning items, including 100+ assistive learning resources to support the education of CWDs.

The highlight of the community library is the ‘Weekend Library Workshops’ held every Saturday covering literacy, storytelling, creative arts and life skills, attended by 30-40 children, including a group of CWDs. By 2030, we plan to build a network of five community libraries/resource centres across Karjat block.


In August 2019, Samaaveshi collaborated with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, and the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Karjat office. to launch 'Inclusive Anganwadi Teacher-training programme’. The idea is to build capacity of local Anganwadi teachers in inclusive education skills, to gradually transform rural Anganwadis into ‘inclusive, early education centres' for all children with and without disabilities.

The programme comprises of two key components: 1) a series of 12 workshops on disability and inclusive education with small clusters of Anganwdi teachers, and 2) providing a ‘mini-library’ resource kit of multi-sensory play and learning items to each Anganwadi. At present, Samaaveshi is working with 100 Anganwadis, and we plan to cover all 300 Anganwadis in Karjat block by 2030.


Over 50% Anganwadis (of total 300) in Karjat block DO NOT have electricity. In 2021, Samaaveshi launched a pilot to transform five local Anganwadis without electicity into ‘Solar Anganwadis’, by renovating the physical infrastructure and installing a 165W solar power + 1 Smart TV + 1 Smartphone. The idea is to harness solar energy to provide uninterrupted power and access to digital (and assistive) learning to rural Anganwadis. We believe this will result in improved child enrolment, classroom engagement and early learning outcomes among preschool children in Karjat.

As of April 2024, Samaaveshi has transformed a total of 15 Anganwadis into Solar, smart Anganwadis. By 2023, we plan to solarize all 150 Anganwadis in Karjat block that do not have electricity and other basic amenities.


Post-COVID pandemic, Samaaveshi began a new collaboration with the Block Education Office (BEO), Karjat division, to launch the 'Zilla Parishad (ZP) school inclusive education support' programme. The overall objective is to improve the quality of education in public schools through better infrastructure and placing a team of full-time teachers, including a special educator - to implement inclusive education using ‘universal design for learning (UDL)’.

In AY 2022-23, we worked with one ZP school in Kashele village, with a focus on facilitating inclusive-ed for Grades 1-2, comprising 38 students, including 5 CWDs. In 2023-24, we expanded the programme to an additional ZP school in Kautewadi village, with 42 students in Grades 1-3, including 3 CWDs. By 2025, we plan to work with all five ZP schools under Kashele gram panchayat in Karjat.