Our Major Partners


TISS is a premier social science public research university based in Mumbai. Founded in 1936, it is Asia’s oldest institute for professional social work education.
The decision to set-up Samaaveshi in Karjat was because the co-founders are TISS alumni, and the institution has a dedicated ‘Centre for Disability Studies and Action (CDSA)’. While TISS’ support and guidance was crucial during the groundwork and baseline survey in 2017-18, we took this partnership a step further in 2019 when we launched the ‘Inclusive Anganwadi Transformation’ programme in technical collaboration with CDSA, TISS. Besides, the two co-founders were also part of the inaugural ‘Challenging Challenges’ disability simulation workshop held at TISS in 2011.


XYZ (Xtremely Young Zoroastrians) Foundation is one of the first major partners to support our work on inclusive education in Karjat tribal block.
From donating over 2500+ children’s books, and helping us set-up ‘mini-LIBRARY’ in 10 rural Anganwadis in Karjat (2019), to providing a set of stationery and digital learning tools to set-up an ‘Open-air learning centre’ amid COVID-19 lockdown (2020), to raising funds to build one classroom as part of our new inclusive school construction in Karjat (2021), XYZ has been instrumental in enabling Samaaveshi – a new nonprofit working with limited resources in a remote location – expand its programmes and reach out to more underserved tribal children with diverse learning needs in Karjat.


Adhvan Foundation is an early-stage venture in Mumbai that uses books and stories to support children living in child care institutions and vulnerable communities.

Their support has been crucial in helping us set-up our first community library in Kashele village; selecting and curating storybooks for primary-level children; and conducting several children’s workshops on storytelling and life skills. Besides, they trained one of our staff in storytelling and curatorial skills to lead the library programme. In addition, we have partnered with Adhvan for over 10 workshops on storytelling skills for local Anganwadi teachers in Karjat.


Aatman Academy is a 10-year-old award-winning institution based in Thane that caters to the individualized learning needs of children through customized learning and specialized instruction.

Aatman has been supporting Samaaveshi in building technical knowledge on inclusion and inclusive education, right from the beginning of our journey in Karjat. They have facilitated several online and offline workshops with local Anganwadi teachers as part of our ‘Inclusive Anganwadi Transformation’ programme. Besides, one of our staff was enrolled for Aatman’s CHILD (Certificate on Holistic Inclusion for Learners with Diversities) course in 2020-21.  


Ummeed Child Development Centre is one of India’s leading NGOs that works on specialized care for children with developmental disabilities. Founded in 2001, it has gradually pioneered into areas of training, research and advocacy on inclusion, care and rehabilitation for children with disabilities.
Our partnership with Ummeed has been mostly around conducting workshops for our staff, parents and Anganwadi teachers on building awareness and capacity on disability laws, pedagogy and inclusive practices. Besides, their support has been instrumental in helping us improve our community-based interventions for children with disability, in terms of certification and availing government schemes and services.


Silver Lining Wellness Centre is a safe space that allows individuals to have the freedom to completely explore the truth of their own being in a gentle manner, free of judgment, so that they are able to uncover their emotional needs, blocks and solutions to their issues. We understand that everyone’s model of the world is different and we strive to offer unique solutions to meet the different needs of all the individuals and organizations with whom we associate.
Our partnership with Samaaveshi Paathshala allows us to use mindfulness-based practices for capacity-building and leadership training. We also help raise funds to support their vision and mission towards the cause of quality inclusive education for all.